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    James Dunk


    Dr James Dunk is Research Fellow in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Sydney, and lead, planetary mental health, on the ARC Discovery Project Planetary Health Histories: Developing Concepts. A historian and interdisciplinary researcher, his research, teaching and writing explores how health, medicine and psychology are changing in the face of planetary crises. His first book, Bedlam at Botany Bay, won the Australian History Prize at the 2020 NSW Premier's History Awards and was also shortlisted for several other prizes. His research on planetary health, mental health and ecological distress has been published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Sustainability, History of Psychology, Australian Psychologist and Rethinking History, and his literary reviews and essays appear in Griffith Review, Australian Book Review, and other magazines.

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  • Writing


    Towards a Planetary Psychology

    James Dunk, ‘Psychology as if the Whole Earth Mattered: Nuclear Threat, Environmental Crisis, and the Emergence of Planetary Psychology,’ History of Psychology 25, no. 2 (2022): 97–120. doi.org/10.1037/hop0000208


    Nuclear Winter and Science/Fiction

    James Dunk, ‘Nuclear Winter: Science, Fiction, and Temporal Violence,’ in Anticipatory Environmental (Hi)Stories from Antiquity to the Anthropocene, edited by Christopher Schliephake and Evi Zemanek (Lexington Books, 2023).


    A Climate Distress Review

    Jordan Koder, James Dunk and Paul Rhodes, ‘Climate Distress: A Review of Current Psychological Research and Practice,’ The Psychology of Sustainability: Expanding the Scope, Sustainability 15, no. 10 (2023), 8115. doi.org/10.3390/su15108115.


    Health on an Ailing Planet

    James H. Dunk, David S. Jones, Anthony G. Capon & Warwick H. Anderson, 'Human Health on an Ailing Planet — Historical Perspectives on Our Future,' New England Journal of Medicine 381 (2019): 778-82. doi:10.1056/NEJMms1907455