• About the Lab


    We are an interdisciplinary research lab based at the University of Sydney, in the School of Social and Political Sciences (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) and the School of Psychology (Faculty of Science).


    Paul Rhodes, a professor of psychology, and James Dunk, a historian, met during the covid-19 Pandemic in a climate emotion group. Discovering a common interest in alternative approaches to mental and emotional health and wellbeing. In 2022, supported by a Sydney Environment Insititute Collaborative Fellowship, they worked with headspace mental health youth advocate Jordan Koder to run a research project exploring climate distress in young people. Together they found that open dialogue is a powerful technique for crossing intergenerational and cultural boundaries as people navigate the climate crisis.


    Founded in 2023, the Ecological Emotions Research Lab expands this work, supporting interdisciplinary research into climate distress and other strong emotions and feelings related to the changing planetary environment. We explore alternative therapies and practices for navigating these emotions, including various forms of dialogue, story, and art.